Prime 4 Audio hardware driver is missing


I just wanted to connect my new Prime 4 with my computer (Windows 10) and I get always the message “Prime 4 Audio Driver missing”. All other connections via USB are there (Prime 4 Control Surface, Prime 4 Screen). In the FAQ it’s said, that "Windows users will need to install the hardware driver from the product download page in order to use PRIME 4 with 3rd party applications. " But on product page is no Windows Driver available.

I just wanted to connect my Computer e.g. to get the new firmware running and of course to send music to the SSD.

Does anyone have a clue?

Thanks, Ludger

Hey Ludger, I’m going to reply to you even know I just got mine running this morning so I may not be of any help but at least you got a reply, right?

I downloaded the firmware on to my desktop, unzipped and dragged the file over to a USB stick to load it into my P4. Worked perfectly and now I have the horizontal wave forms… but still no music at this point.

Next step was to DL & install Engine Prime onto my performance laptop then figure out how to get my music from Serato & iTunes. Trial/error and youtube videos got me through that.

This morning I used this video…

and after crashing Engine Prime a couple times I got it connected but I also was initializing/formatting and internal SSD which is where I loaded all my music.

Not sure if that helps but I’m in the office working & monitoring so if you have a question feel free…


Hi @Ludger, there is no audio driver for the PRIME 4 as it’s a stand alone unit so one is not needed at this stage. :slight_smile:

When you connect your PRIME 4 to a laptop it’s just so transfer audio files through Engine Prime from your Laptop to the internal drive (if you are using this) or to update the firmware.

Please follow this video on the internal drive

You can now download the firmware install instructions from Prime 4 v1.3.2 Firmware Update

Hope this helps. J

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I had exactly the same issue as you described. However, when you have formatted the SSD in exfat and then place in in the P4, I was able to put music on without any issues. Just connect the P4 with an usb connection, put the P4 in controller mode. Then you can put music on it trough the engine prime program on you pc as if it was an external USB stick or similar. The P4 unit will keep giving the “message” looking for computer though. This generates the feeling that something is not working as it should. To my current experience and reading throughout the forum, this appears to be normal behavior. There is some work to be done here in my opinion. If this is not normal behavior on windows pc’s, then I would like to now how to solve this.


Hey guys,

please excuse the late feedback. I have now installed an internal SSD. Windows 10 didn’t recognize it via Prime 4, it worked with my MacBook and I could format it in ExFAT. Now Windows also recognizes the SSD in Prime 4.

I had the same experience as @renegade1976, the screen of the Prime 4 “Looking for computer” had confused me.

Thanks again for the tips, Happy DJing and a great weekend! Ludger