Prime 4 and Soundswitch Micro stand alone?

Is it possible to simply plug the Soundswitch Micro DMX straight out of the box into your Prime 4, and into a dmx light fixture, and have any kind of functionality over the light via the Primes lighting screen, or do you have to run it via a laptop and pre-script all sequences, find specific lights, set dmx addresses, and tag them to Engine analysed tracks?

I literally have my prime 4 currently sat on a dj stand with a pair of Equinox Spectrapix Battens either side, and being able to simply connect direct to them using the Prime 4’s basic lighting control screen would be amazing, without the rigmarole of having spend hours setting everything up via a laptop and the Engine software. You can with Hue and Nanoleaf, so can it be done with this type of dmx fixture?

Thanks, S.

In a word no you cant. You would have to at least let the dongle know the dmx address of each batten at the very least, via the software. This should then give you basic control. (Static looks) There is a good course on youtube about it. It may seem complex and hard work but you soon get to grips with its power

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With the Soundswich trial, you can do whatever it takes to use your entire collection.

1 you assign your spotlights and DMX addresses,

2 you create automatic patterns for each song and select decoration positions, for example pointing at the ball, or at the center of the track,

3 you export the file to the table (prime 4 in my case)

4 voila, each song will work in sync with the music, then you can do many more things, but in general, after doing this, with the cable it will be enough for you to manage everything from the table, blackout, positions, colors, etc. …then if you want, use the subscription to update the new songs, or they will work only with the autoloops, which you can also modify to your liking in the 3 months Soundswich trial


To do this you dont need hours. For the basic autoloop function you only have to create one light show. Through in all your lights that you are using, set the DMX adresses right on your lights according to the soundswitch software DMX adresses. Export it on a USB stick and you are ready to go.

I would say, you dont need more than 30 min, from install to the Basic Project.

At the basic level SS needs to know which channel of your lights are the blue, red, green channels etc… Since every DJ light has different parameters, and a DMX signal can not magically detect a specific light fixture, no light solution will offer that. Therefore you have to show your programm what light are you using and what DMX starting adress they have.