Prime 4 and engine PC not updating properly when sync

Hi - I’m having new issues with engine OS (on myPC) not recognising all the folders and contents on my Prime 4. I created a couple of new folders on the P4 recently and dragged some tracks into them. When I hook up the P4 to the engine (on PC) it firstly: shows the mirror image of the P4 (which is good) and also shows the correct files (as if they were on the engine database). However, it won’t give me an option to sync the changes from P4 to Engine. Anyway, when I disconnect the P4, the engine (on PC) reverts to an older version which is incorrect. The P4 shows the correct version. I’m sure that I have successfully been able to sync changes made on the P4 before and get them back to engine (on PC). I’ve also been able to connect an sd card and usb drive to my engine PC (when it’s been connected to the prime 4 in the above circumstances) and successfully been able to export/update the correct version of the “master drive “ (which was on the P4) to those additional devices. For info - I have a an SSD within the Prime 4. Many Thanks Andy

How did you do that? It reads as if you didn’t do it via Engine DJ.

The “master drive” should be the one in your computer, where your main (source) library is stored, and where you do any adding of files, folders, playlists etc. THEN you transfer it to the Prime 4 (which is your destination drive).

Hi - thanks. Yes you can create folders and playlists on the prime 4 unit itself (aswell as engine os on your computer). I think that for some reason the actual new named “folders” do not copy back to the master engine on the PC. Does that make sense?

Well yes you CAN do it, but you shouldn’t be doing it.

Correct method:

  • Open Engine DJ desktop s/w
  • Perform maintenance (add/remove etc) on source drive
  • Connect destination drive
  • Sync changes

[EDIT] Oh hang on…are you just talking about making playlists on the Prime with tracks that are already on the unit?

That’s why I asked the initial question - I thought you were creating folders and adding new tracks to the Prime 4 drive directly, without going through Engine DJ.

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