Prime 4 and Engine 3.0


Im new to Denon and just got a Prime4. I upgraded the OS to 3.0, not sure if this is the problem cause its new…

I fix my grid in the software and when I load it to hardware it has shifted to left on every track. I fix it on the hardware and some tracks still shift to left.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Also my screen seems to lag a bit. Does a good USB make a diff?


Same here, also after the update. Even with the latest.

So was it doing that shifting before the update?

Or after you updated it started to shift?

I wonder if the grids are reanalysing. It seems a strange one. I’ve not seen that before.

There is a two strange analyse when you first import songs to Engine DJ desktop.

  1. It looks at the BPM and creates a grid from that data. It trusts the BPM within the tag data.

  2. If you right click a song in Engine DJ desktop and then select the reanalyse option it will then use its own BPM algorithm to determine the BPM. This will ignore the tag into and create a new grid.

The reasoning behind it is that if you have a collection imported from another software like Serato DJ then it will import the same data keeping it consistent.

I wonder if reanalysing a few songs as a test will paint a better picture? Adding them to a USB stick and checking the grid will help narrow it down.

Also a factory reset can help after an update. I always do one. It means you have to log back into any streaming services again but it keeps everything fresh on the hardware.

Thanks Mr Wilks I will try doing that, a reset and re analyse the playlists.

It may work or it may not but it’s a good start to make sure we’ve eliminated any common quirks.

Let us know how you get on.

I used a new USB and started fresh without Rekord Box conversion and so far so good. I did the reset too, time will tell if it happens again.

Thanks for your help!

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No worries at all. It seems like something was a little off by the conversion from RB but I can’t be too sure.

After the reanalyse it should have improved any grids etc.

Hopefully you don’t see this again. Enjoy!