Prime 4+ and Apple Airplay


First post as a I am considering getting a Prime 4+ and wondering if it can achieve something I would like to do.

Firstly I live in a townhouse that has three levels. I also have Apple Tv’s connected to sound systems on all three levels. This allows me, if using Airplay streamed from my phone to have the same music playing all throughout the house.

My Controller would be on the middle level and connect by cable to both a monitor and my main lounge room speakers. , I would like to be able to, while playing using the cabled speakers on the middle level to airplay the set to the other two levels.

Does the Prime four support Airplay out? out and if so …can I have the master going out both over a cabled master and Wifi to Airplay at the same time. Perhaps I can route the master to zone two and have the go to Airplay?



Not sure that would work but you could maybe feed sound into an AirPort Express or similar device from the line out on the prime 4? I’d have to look it up

Looks like the AirPort Express only outputs sound, and not inputs. I’m sure there must be a way around it.

Going by a brief look at the AirPlay web site, it seems only Apple devices send audio over AirPlay. Various things receive, but only Apple sends.

Thanks for the help! I have found this as a possible solution. :slight_smile:

Install airchord on your iPad, use an irig or similar device to input the audio to your iPad then use airplay.


What’s the latency of airplay?

Won’t be a problem, monitor and master will be wired, Airplay is only for the zone output of which the zones will be on another level out if earshot from the decks

In like this idea!

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