Prime 2 vs Prime Go - Which to choose!

Hi all, I currently have a Prime Go but have been eyeing the Prime 2. The Prime Go and its size is great, but I do value the biggest jogs, etc. I’m a hobbyist but want to make sure that I choose the right product for me. Could anyone please give me some arguments of why I should choose the Prime 2 over the Prime Go?

Battery that you won’t use but still pay, non-traditional EQ layout, miniature pitch fader,… the list is basically all the feature differences between the units so no point in googling it for you. Only you know what is important for you and is it worth the price difference.

Thanks for your comment. It’s definitely true that only I know what I want to get out of it. The battery is definitely a big deal to me since I like the freedom to not have to be around a wall socket all the time. I was wondering if there’s some other features that the Prime 2 has that I’m missing on the Prime Go?

Did you compare the two on the Denon site? Download the manual perhaps?

Yeah I’ve researched both extensively, watched all the videos, and read the manuals but I wanted to know what you guys thought.

OK so if you know what the differences are, then the final decision lies with you.

Only you know what you need/want and what you don’t.

If its your only Prime device I would say the Prime 2 is the better option of the two or the Prime 4 if you can stretch to it and have the room

If your a hobbyist won’t you get bored quick with either. Why not go for the Prime 4? I’ll tell you why… The go is excellent for those inpromtu outdoor gigs and events as well as for weddings. The 2 is also fairly portable and will be great for events and we weddings. The prime 4 is big and nor so portable but heavy in features so for a hobbyist it’s perfect. Lots to learn, won’t need to upgrade. Keep you entertained for years.

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Thanks, I’m looking to keep my setup small so even though the Prime 4 looks great, I don’t really need all four channels too much and its just massive. I like the Prime 2 and the Prime Go simply because it won’t be such a hassle to take to-and-from my house to a friend’s, etc. I’m doing this just for fun and not a job so I don’t need anything serious. I’ve been DJing for fun for about ten years and realized less is more - hence why I really like the standalone systems (even though I wish I could afford the SC6000s and X1850 lol). I’m coming from the Traktor ecosystem and previously had the S4, all before they decided to seemingly abandon everything altogether.

All that aside, I really like the GO, but the Prime 2 has things that I am seeming to miss on the GO: EQ meters for each track, tilted screen, more hotcue/loop/etc. pads that don’t make me use banks, and two separate effects panels, among others. The jogs on GO aren’t such a deal breaker for me, but I’m sure the bigger size will be helpful, and same goes for the pitch fader.

The more I research, the Prime 2 looks like a good long-term investment for me. Like I’ve said, I just play at home so who cares that it doesn’t have a battery? It’s also not massively bigger or heavier than the GO (or at least as heavy as the Prime 4). Thanks for your input!

(Also happy to hear out other ideas/suggestions/comments)

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From what you have described the prime 2 looks bang on for you.

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