Prime 2 - USB Sticks format

Hello everyone,

I have buy the Denon Prime 2 Now i want my music on a USB Stick with 64 GB memory. Soll i formating this stick on FAT32 or on ExFat ?

Both FAT32 and ExFat are supported. I have 5 128Gb sticks, tried FAT32 and ExFat, with no discernible difference in performance

There isnt really any difference. Well for music at least. Fat 32 has a maximum file capacity of 4gb (thats 4 gb in one track lol). Exfat doesnt have realistic file limits so its more like ntfs (but cant use ntfs as not supported) So on those grounds the choice is yours BUT if your going to use a usb to record on then you may want to lean more towards exfat. (Depending how big the recording is )

I use my collection in multiple folders, House, Pop, Dance etc. With which program can you format the USB stick so that it is read by the Prime 2.

I would like to switch between 2 usb stitching, so in two slots a usb stick.

Which brands of USB stick do you use now. ?

And you should first have this music collection analyzed by Engine DJ

I mainly use the player stand alone, so only with usb sticks.

What brand of sticks do you use now?

I use the USB sticks only for storage not for recording. How many GB can the Prime 2 read per USB port.

I havent got a clue to be honest. My prime 4 reads 1x2tb and 1x 1tb plugged in top with no issues

Then the Prime 2 also reads the format NTFS, how did you format it. And with which program

No, NTFS is not supported

AS ABOVE My drives are exfat. It may be an older format but its actually perfect for what denon are using it for. Ntfs just has more security built in which lets be honest we dont really need do we its not like a hacker is going to target your primes are they The other benefit is exfat is readable on all platform’s right off the bat. No need to download drivers or conveters for it.

Just go with exfat…