Prime 2 Serato update

Do any know if there is a computer mode. for the prime 2, or a future. update coming in the near future

Hello @DJ_Nerdz Welcome to the forum. There is a computer mode for controlling dj software and accessing internal drive. What exactly do You want to achieve?

Controller mode for VdJ is live

Controller mode for Serato - nothing yet announced!

Head to the feature request thread and start a feature request for it. I don’t think there is an official one yet.

No guarantees that it will happen

Here you go. This is the most popular thread aroud (most likes of all Prime 2 topic), albeit not in the correct Feature Request category - maybe a mod can move it.

I am also hoping for SDJ support, even Lite with option to upgrade yourself for $99, since the Prime 2 has a similar footprint to my current DDJ-SX and a moderate weight to carry around.


Please go ahead, comment and like:

Serato support feature request for Denon DJ Prime 2 - SMART CONSOLES / Feature Requests - Official Denon DJ Forum