Prime 2 or 4 with full size jog wheels

Hi Team, do Denon have any intention to release a standalone player with full size jog wheels like that of the pioneer xdj xz?

Denon could have a barn-door sized 2/4 deck all in combonined mixer player launching at 9am tomorrow …

… and they wouldn’t give even the slightest whispered hint of it until the full blown release tomorrow at 9am. They’ll never say “yeah don’t buy any of our current models , because we’ve got a new something coming out in 6 months”

Some People have different ideas over what a “full size” jog wheel is. Anything less than 12 inches / 30 cms will have those with vinyl turntable memories feeling cautious as to whether their scratching skill will adapt to a smaller platter (the skills will adapt after a few days of practice) but for some a 9 inch or 6 inch platter is full size, if that’s what they’re used to. The biggest platters are on the single tabletop decks.

Platters are a huge expanse of space on a deck or in a combo model. And as scratching tricks fade away, it’s a space used less and less, some would say. Smaller platters give space for extra functions and buttons to work those functions. Big platters and lots of buttons on the same mod would mean the model has to be physically bigger and that will put some people off too.

As denon have managed to release the prime 2, prime go, sc6000, 6000m, and x1850 , which is 5 models in the last couple of months so I don’t reckon they’ll have any more new hardware launched this year, but, know one knows

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