PRIME 2 - Need some advices and tips

Hello all,

First of all, I decided to change from Pioneer to Prime 2 I lastly tested and really liked it

I would like to request to peoples who have already use it and what they can advice or afford tips in order to optimize it :slight_smile:

I also hope OS ENGINE DESKTOP have the same stability as Serato DJ PRO and the same use

Also, donโ€™t hesitate to tell me your feedback about :slight_smile:

Thanks for your helps and tips and have a good mix :slight_smile:

Engine OS is on the device, Engine Dj is on the desktop. Engine DJ is not a dj software, it is only to prepare Your library and analyse the music.

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Thanks for your precision about :slight_smile:

So I understand the soft side (computer) canโ€™t be used like Serato and mix with Is that correct ?

Yes, Engine DJ is only to maintain Your music library. Make playlists, set hot cues and loops, set colors to them and names, export to the USB or SD card. The program does not connect with the prime 2 in order to be used as a dj setup. Prime 2 is running a stand alone software that is Engine OS. And this is used to DJ without the computer.


Ok i understand :slight_smile: Many thanks for your precision about the soft side

I have Serato DJ Pro since DDJ-SX and have a licence key I understand there is no current support for the Prime 2 I also have Rekordbox licence but I personally hate this software

As a Professional DJ (I play for clubs and Pubs-Clubs) what software do you advice in order to have the same way as Serato DJ Pro ?

Traktor is old even if it still one of the best to use Iโ€™m not fan of Virtual DJ

Mixvibes Cross should be a good altrenative I also heard about Mixxx (Open Source DJ Software) and will take a look about

Best regards :slight_smile:

Well, I like Denon dj stand alone. Normally You donโ€™t buy a standalone device just to plug it in to a computer. Controllers are meant for that. As for dj software, I prefer traktor, because of Remix decks - only traktor has something like that.

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Fellow Serato user here, who also has a Prime 2โ€ฆ honestly the beauty of the Prime 2 is to get rid of needing a computer at gigs, the GUI is great on the device and the screen is bright and clear with great touch functionality.I would say give it a go as a standalone unit and you will soon get used to it.

I still prepare all my playlists in Serato then use the sync function in Engine to update them from Serato.

The Prime 2 is a very powerful DJ tool in its own right.


Thanks for your reply :blush:

What I want exactly and this is the reason why I choose the Prime 2 is to use internal SSD for all electronic musics (House, Techno, Progressive, Deep and so on)

Using the soft part will be only for general music

Yeah I could use USB ports for that but I prefer this way :yum: