PRIME 2 monitoring mic via headphones

Monitoring the microphone through the headphones is a very important feature that is missing in prime 2 and present in prime 4

Originally this feature was missing from the Prime 4. After many requests this was eventually added, but Denon stated that it could not be achieved on the Prime 2 or Prime Go.

I mistakenly thought it was a hardware feature of the Prime 4 as I posted in the other thread of the same title yesterday. I take it you can disable it in the settings then? Or is it just on all the time now?

Edit: I can see it’s an option in the manual to send it to headphones.

Prime 2 only send mic to booth…

I think you’ll have to wait for the next iteration of the Prime 2 for this to happen, or do as I suggested in your other thread and utilise the aux in on the Prime 2 to monitor mic signal through your headphones.

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