Prime 2 mic not working

Has any one had a problem with the microphone not working. I was at a wedding and set up for the ceremony, everything worked great for the ceremony. I then had to break down and move to another location, that is when the mic would not work. I tried both mic 1 and mic 2 neither would work. I first thought the mic was bad so I tried my backup mic still didn’t work. The rest of the prime 2 functions worked fine. I removed the prime 2 and hooked up a Mackie mixer pro Fx8 and the mics worked fine. So it was a problem with the prime 2.

Hey @Partymixdj Sorry to hear you had some issues. If you’d like to further investigate this with technical support, feel free to DM me and I’ll be happy to connect you. There are a lot of factors to consider with an experience like this but overall walking through your setup is a good start.

Have you tried setting the system back up after shutting down and checking if the mic works?

Hi Anthony I tried that a few times. I am home now with the sister up and running. Today there was a new update, I have done that too. Are you available to DM and do a walk through

Was it master out which you had the speakers plugged into ? Rather than any other output ?

Good call.

If it was the “booth” output, it defaults to not play the mic though these speakers. Could we worth checking.