Prime 2 Loose Cable

I bought a used Prime 2 that arrived DOA. I suspected a loose cable and it turns out the main internal power lead had come loose during shipping.

I cannot for the life of me figure out where it plugs in. I’ve taken both PCBs off and found a couple 5 pin plugs but nothing 4 pin. The support rep at Denon wouldn’t offer any advice due to policy which is understandable from a liability perspective. Does anyone who’s taken their Prime unit apart have a clue where it goes?

The question is, does the console turn on? It works? Does it play music? Do all displays light up?

If all works, then that cable could just be a setup cable to power any auxiliary cards that aren’t now mounted.

Unscrew the 2 pcb’s that I marked on the photo. One of them should have a connector for power supply on the other side.

I think it should be this point

I think it could be this point.


Eagle eye you :eagle:

when it´s a 4 pin cable, then it is not the right socket for that. then it must be hidden underneath the pcb. you have to look for an 4 pin connector on the board - labeled with pwr. maybe you have to unscrew the board to see more as noiseriser mentioned.

It should be located near the lan connector.

but if you are unsure what you do, please let it repair from a certified repaircenter. (and never connect a cable to a connector that doesn´t fit.)


That is not even the right connection. Check for properly labeled connector. Read the markings next to the connectors on the pcb.

Ermmmm not really 5 pin would have a 5 pin plug on 4 pin is 4 pin.

Its shocking how some people play with electric. And fault find using guestimation…

Its probably toast now… if it wasnt already. Those connectors dont “just fall out” thats been apart before and left unplugged

Engineering should PM lol.

@Anthony_DDJ help

This is where it goes. Thanks so much!

Is it working now? Powering up etc

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