Prime 2 left deck

I’m hoping someone might be able to give me some advice as my prime 2 left deck went a bit weird again and this time I just literally played one track off it and then went onto the right deck wh8ch was fine and then back to the left side which when qued up and after hitting play it looked like was playing but with no volume so I tried moving the wave file position on the screen and tried queing it up and so on as i thought i was goimg mad again and eventually on screen it stopped responding so I had to reboot and once started up it was fine and i did my 5 hour set all ok. This is about the 3rd time its done this on me now and im currenty using 3.2 software all round. If i remember rightly the other times it happened were at various times in my set but as i say once rebooted luckily it clears but im now left on the edge as now its what if happens again when im doing a first dance or something!! Any advice is welcome. Ive had the prime 2 for 3 years and never a problem until this.




If you search the forum there are a few threads about this subject. In my case it was a grounding issue with the platter and had to be sent for repair. It’s never happened since for me.

I use a sub mixer to bridge the connection between the prime and the house system so I can play music through a tape mix if I’m stuck and need to reboot.

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Thanks STU-C i have seen the post somewhere with the bad ground and hoping maybe its not that. I do use a pa mixer with another channel as backup with another system so I can just flick over to it but need. I can imagine sending back to denon its not cheap. Thanks for the heads up tho and I will do some more searching :blush:

Mine was done under warranty but you should at least be able to get a quote from them to fix. Is your gear insured as it should be covered under that for any repairs?

Aha i get you, cheers for the tip. I have insurance through insure4music so I will look into the poicy. How long did it take them to repair and get back to you?


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Mine was quite a while but it was just after Covid so not sure it would take as long now, about a month at least I would be prepared for though.