Prime 2 freze after 2.3.2 update

Hello, My prime 2 started to freeze after update 2.3.2. I had the same issue after update 2.2.0. This was solved in 2.2.1 update. Now again. This happend during an event. Denon please give a solution.

I believed that when it happend on 2.2.0 update was a mistake. Know it’s happaning again. Denon, do you know what are you doing???

You have proved that your gear is not for pro usage. Maybe only for bedroom dj’s.

hai provato a disattivare la funzione vinile ?

does to solve the issue if you turn off vinyl mode?

Mine was doing exactly the same thing so I sent it for repair, it’s currently with Denon. If yours is in warranty you can do the same, have you raised a support ticket?

What I will also say, you don’t need to be putting the childish rant at the end of your comment, you have an issue with the unit, it can be reported and dealt with in an adult manner, no need for the silly slur at the end.


I will try to disable the vinyl function (although I often use this mode). it is clear to me that the problem is software. this problem reappeared after the last update. If I reset the console it works ok. it is very unpleasant during an event to suffer such things, for this reason I am very angry with Denon and I will probably return to Pioneer. in 20 years of my career I have not had such problems.

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I spoke to my retailer about this subject when I was sending my Prime 2 for repair and he informed me that he gets items back from all brands and that no one brand is better than the other. I also never had an issue with my last Pioneer item, but I have had issues with them before that.

If the problem was in the software, then all of us who use the same software would have the same problem as you, which is not the case. So it’s your hardware that has the problem, which reappears when updating the software, but it’s the hand detector on the jog wheel that feels like you’ve put your hand on it.

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I don’t know if it’s related but I wiped mine as there was a mark on it and the issue seemed to appear after that, I’ve had an email to say my ticket is now closed so I’ll soon find out what they replaced when I get it back.

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I just got my Prime go from warranty three weeks ago with the latest update. I sent it in for a cross fader issue and channel not playing any sound.

Friday, I was 3 hours in a gig when I had a sudden restart. Tidal stopped working afterwards, but I was not streaming when it happened. It didn’t happen again after that. Never had this issue before. I was using a ver. of 2.1.

I have a gig this Saturday, hopefully this won’t happen again. I’ll let you know whats up.

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I have the same issue with my Prime GO. Music is still playing, but the display freezes. This happens after a few seconds after loading the 1st track in one of the decks. The problem disappears after a while (2 min or so), and I can work normally. Thus very annoying. The unit is currently in warrenty repair with my retailer.

Hey I am having the same issue. Hopefully it is a software update fix. I dont want to have to send the player in to Denon.

It needs a repair, mine is with them currently.

I have opend a ticket with denon a week ago. No reply until now :frowning:

I took mine back to my retailers and they sent it back for me, that was within warranty though.

How long did the update take, I have SC5000m’s and they have been on update mode for 2 hours

I got my Prime GO now back from the retailer. Comment: “no problem found, please replace the SD card”. This is not what I expected, because I tried several SD cards + USB drives. The problem is the same with any of them. I´ll will contact them again, and keep the ticket open.

in the end it turned out, that it was my fault. I prepared the USB stick for the Prime GO “by hand”, I mean I copied the Engine DB + the mp3 files using the Windows Explorer to the USB stick, rather that using the export function from the Engine. DONT DO SO !!! After preparing the stick with the Engine export, the PRIME GO runs fine without freezing.