Prime 2 Deck colour

New to forum, the hat actually lights up the deck colour you select on the prime 2 I’m I missing something nothing changes!!! Any ideas boys???

I’m not sure what you mean by the hat

Sorry! Was meant to say what

Can You describe maybe a bit more precise what do You want to know? Is it the “on Air” function, or jog wheel ring color change? Or something else?

Prime2 (and Prime GO) has no color ring, if that is what you seek (and welcome to the forum!).

Most users will know on a 2-channel device, which is playing “on-air”. :wink:

So what does this do? Just change something on the screen?

Prime 2 manual, page 27: “Deck Colors - To change the deck color, tap the color box under the name of the deck, and then tap the color to select.”

Yes you can change the color in prefs, but it isn’t showing somewhere else.

Was just asking when u change the colours in pref what actually colours on the deck changes ?? Can’t see anything?? :joy::joy::joy:

It’s not the platter that lights up, but on the screen where song title displays on the display screen for prime 2. When you change color in preferences look at screen and you’ll see what changes.

that’s all you get with prime 2 sorry, I was looking for jogwheel at first myself and found.

FOUND out it’s the screen deck on the display.

@Denon DJ Would be dope if the deck color changed the color of the needle indicator lights, possible?