Prime 2 and Soundswitch via Ethernet

Hi there. Iam using SW for a long time but had a break due to pandemic. So far I updated my Prime 2 Controller, Engine Prime on PC and Soundswitch to the latest. Iam using a Win11 PC. I edited all my fixtures and Loops. Ported it to Prime 2 and this works. Bit I would like to controll SW via Midi controller, so I have to connect the dongle to PC and my prime via Ethernet to the PC. I did so but no response on lights when I play a song and the blue dot is missing as well. So I thibk there is no connection via PC and Prime controller. Does anyone know a fix for this? Wifi is off at PC. Also deactivated the win firewall and not using any anti virus stuff. Do I need to open any port for this?

I think you need a router in between of them.

It should work if you connect both devices to your home wifi. Try it out.

Already have router/switch inbetween. Does it work via Wifi? Ithink the PC only recognizes the prime only via ethernet?!

Plugging the Prime into the PC will be the way to do it. You’ve already turned off the WiFi which is good.

Is it setup for Engine DJ in the SoundSwitch settings?

I dont know how but now it works as desired. Just got connected and finally it works. Didnt changed anything. Thanks for your help anyway.

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