Previewing music on Tidal before loading a track

Can someone tell me how to preview music I stream from Tidal before loading to one of my decks on a Prime 4 Standalone unit.

You can’t.

Logical, when you consider that the music isn’t local to the player.

It would be nice if the player could load maybe the first 20 seconds of every streaming track which appears in the search streaming service results.

However what if there’s 100 results? That around 33 minutes of audio clips being stored somewhere. Also the first 20 seconds of a track might not reflect its real potential or content.

I think someone has already filled out one of the official feature suggestion request forms for previewing streams though, so you could add your “like” to their request to vote the idea up a bit


Given the power of my Denon DJ Prime 4 standalone. I wish this feature was added. My previous Numark IDJ Pro controller allowed me to do this. This may be to one feature that would really be helpful to me during my sets.

To me it’s kinda like saying “I want to listen to my vinyl before I put it on the turntable” or “I want to play this CD before I put it in the CDJ”.

It’s not necessary IMO. The way to cue (or preview) a track is to load it to a deck.

In this case the track will have to stream regardless, so you may as well just load it.