Prepared folder and Tidal

So when I left swipe some tidal tracks to the prepared folder, I get a warning dialogue stating “Database of (Unknown) is corrupt and may not work properly”. When I then load the same track onto a deck then left swipe, the track is successfully entered into the prepare folder. Also some of the tracks from tidal include BPM and key information but most have lost that information. Before 2.0 that information was stored on the source drive and retrieved every time the track was loaded. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks

This does not happen to me: I can send tracks from Tidal to the Prepare list without error even if I have not yet loaded those tracks into the deck. Maybe try replacing the USB stick or what you use as external storage.

If you search the forum you will find that this is a known bug, it is known and will surely be fixed as soon as possible. Your BPM and key will be visible when you switch source or after console shutdown.

Thanks DjAj, I reformatted and rebuilt my source drive and all is well, tidal tracks now appearing in the prepare folder.

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