Prepare playlist streaming service advice. In Rekordbox is this possible!

Dear Engine users, I would like to prepare a playlist with Tidal tracks in it. Unfortunately, the Engine 2.2 software does not support this, but the hardware does. Very clumsy. Now I can import the history from my Prime 2 into Engine DJ, but then I get an error message. In Rekordbox you can easily add Tidal tracks and play them on a Laptop with controller, but not on an RX3 or CDJ3000. Who can give me a good tip to prepare Tidal (streaming service) tracks?

I use a bit of an intricate system to get what you ask for, but that’s the only way we have until this feature request is implemented.

From the console, have the Tidal tracks you want to use in the playlist analyze: you can do it manually by playing each track, or you can set the “continue” mode and let the console do the sequence automatically. At the end of the whole sequence you will get that those tracks will be present in your collection on your remote unit.

Now take your remote drive and connect it to your PC where you are running EDJ Desktop. Open your collection and you will see that the Tidal tracks you analyzed previously will also be present.

Create your playlist and put in it the Tidal tracks that you find in the collection. At that point you can also reorder the list as you like. The only thing you can’t do is load the track into the EDJ Desktop player. In this way you get your playlist with the Tidal tracks, sorted as you like, and which you can also reorder on the console with the appropriate button at the top right. Now you can export your new playlist from the main collection to your remote drive, using the Sync manager.

When you connect your remote unit to the console, you will see your new playlist with Tidal tracks. :smiley:

You can do this with Lexicon actually. Streaming tracks are converted when you choose a hardware device to sync to.

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I do what @DjAj does…can be a bit a long at times depending on the number of tracks but it does work.

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