Prepare list does not save changes when you restart in 2.0

This functionality has been lost, previously in e 1.6 you added tracks in prepare list and if you turned off the unit and turned it on again this list remained, now in 2.0 when you turn off and on this list is empty

please denon can fix it???



Since Engine DJ (i.e. the software on PC) doesn’t have Prepare List, maybe you get this flaw on a console?

If you search in the section dedicated to smart consoles, you will find other users with problems like yours. :wink:

up, yes… this is in sc6000 y try to move


2 months have passed, 3 updates and this function has not been fixed yet, this will permanently cease to exist or is pending to be fixed???

“on 1.6 you added tracks in prepare list and if you turned off the unit and turned it on again this list remained, now in 2.X when you turn off and on this list is empty”

@Reese @JWiLL THANKS!!

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Why can’t you create a playlist with the tunes in the prepared list too?

I agree it would make sense to be able to create a playlist from prepare. For me I stream a lot too and it would make even more sense as when you create playlists within the streaming sites you can’t sort by BPM etc which is a real pain.

In my opinion this is now the correct behaviour. It’s only supposed to be a temporary storage area.


According to any description or manuals about that list - this is as You say - temporary storage area for tracks to be played in a CURRENT set. Not after a power cycle.

Problem with features like these, is that you could likely find a lot of people on both side of the fence:

  • Those that would like it that he prepare list is there when they come back. Likely these would be the folks that are practicing with a unit

  • Folks that like it when they turn the unit on, ready to do their mixing, do not have to first clear their prepare list.

For what it’s worth, I would tend to agree that this is supposed to be temporary and ought to be cleared upon power cycle. I think a much better approach to this issue, is to implement the functionality folks are asking for which is to allow creation of a playlist from prepare.



I would like to have this functionality as well. I think, that this is the most reasonable option.

The question is why did they decide to remove the “feature”

I’m guessing OP is used to the “feature”

Its not the first time a serendipitous feature was removed.

This is as easy as adding an option and setting whether since the pre-preparation list is cleared when the unit is turned off or not, and everyone is happy.

In my case, it is very useful to me and I find it very bad that they remove something that was already in place, when I have not seen anyone who has complained about this functionality


a button that asks if you want to delete the preparlist and it is the solution

That is actually an excellent point. Given that the feature already existed, to add it as a toggle in the settings. Love it. It’s not like the clearing of the prepare list is somehow tangled with other features…

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You are right about that: active loops, 2-decimal BPM info,…the list really has some entries.

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That’s my reason. The prep list is the only playlist that could be made on the unit so it’s natural for people to have an itching need to be able to keep it.

I find this current iteration of the prep list foreign to me. I actually keep pen and a pad when I practice on what is supposed to be the most advanced DJ system. Looking at the history helps a bit but it doesn’t tell all.

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What makes you think that?

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But I don’t think you can create playlists from streaming sites, only with tracks from a usb or SD. You can send it to prepare but again you can’t create a playlist from Prepare.

So my reason for wanting this is so that I can organise by BPM, key etc regardless of whether it’s from tidal, beatport, SoundCloud etc. right now you can’t. Unless someone proves me wrong!

I would prefer the prepare list to be stored automatically within the corresponding library from which the track has been send to prepare. Each time a library is connected into the Prime the unit checks whether it previously had tracks in the prepare and, if so, offers the option to restore or ignore them

From my experience as a Digital Product Owner it’s usually because:

  • Feature was not reimplemented as part of a major code rewrite
  • Feature was lost by accident during an unrelated code change
  • Someone assumed the new behaviour is optimal and didn’t bother telling us

I would not assume all DJ Engine changes are intentional because Denon is moving fast with releases now and that is a challenging thing to get right.

There’s also a variety of issues with Engine OS not remembering the state of screens and lists so it’s possibly all related. :thinking: