Pre scripted tracks stopped responding Engine lighting during massive live set

Hey All,

I have a Prime4 first gen with not the latest firmware but recent with the past 6 months.

I have figured out how to have the Prime 4 run the light shows with scripted tracks. (With control one) I tested it out at home without issue. During my set half way through the scripted tracks stopped responding. Sometimes to get the next track to pick up I need to put the fader down of the other track or move the crossfader but this time the lights were black with no response. Every track after that the same thing. I had to leave it on a static. Very upsetting for I was hoping for a professional grade product.

Has anyone else had problems with scripted tracks stopping during show?

Is this software still kinda buggy?

Firstly I’d say get yourself on the latest as there’s been many fixes for Engine Lighting in Engine OS this last few months. Always make sure you’re running the latest before fault finding in case your issue was resolved in an update. Six months is a long time in the Engine OS world!

Without knowing too much I’ll take a guess. Was there any other upfader at the top? If you have fader 3 or 4 up but no source playing or maybe a line in going into the P4 then it will do nothing. You can disable these unused channels in the Engine Lighting setup and have EL only respond to channel 1 & 2. There is a ‘soft takeover’ of each deck and by setting it to ‘upfader only’ helps if you don’t use the crossfader to mix with (even if it’s disabled for audio).

Engine lighting will favour the light output from the track with the highest upfader and the next track to be played (even if the fader is at 100%) will need the upfader from the one that was playing first reduced below the point of the new track coming in. This allows the light show to be ‘passed over’ via a transition. It’s all down to fader logic between the upfaders and crossfader by making the blends smooth.

I’m not sure why it went black for so long but if there’s a fader with an aux cable plugged in and is set to maximum on the fader, it would be black and you won’t see a light show at all. You have to disable the channels you’re not mixing on as it prioritises any fader that’s the highest.

I’ve not had this issue and if it were to be widespread they’d be more reports so either you’ve found a rare bug or there’s some user error around the fader position is creeping in. Getting into the latest firmware for both the Prime 4, Control One and updating SoundSwitch is the best way to eliminate any issues and help diagnose. There’s a recent awesome update out for SoundSwitch that adds some nice presets and quality if life features.

Hopefully this helps.

There have been what? 3 releases in that long long time period? 4? More? Certainly enough updates not to justify even a single “id have expected blah in a professional etc etc“. As you say, that’s a long time in Engine OS world.

Ok I guess it’s long in Engine OS world, I move at a snails pace. If you update sometimes you get screwed because of a new bug… if you don’t update sometimes you get an old bug that has now been fixed. Nothing else was plugged into any channels. Perhaps one channel on the secondary decks was up and above the other the whole time. None the less I feel this second hand prime 4 needs to be replaced. I may order the new 4+ and hopefully it will be flawless.

Quite possibly. It could be worth checking for next time.

The good thing about the Engine OS updates are that you can always go back. During the week (or gig downtime) just load the latest on and play about. Should you run into any issues you can always instal the previous working version by downloading from the Engine website: Desktop and OS Downloads + Manuals | Engine DJ

From memory, the only exception was V1 > V2 and think another one where there were some database changes so you had to commit to that.

One thing would be to try a factory reset. If its never been done before and it’s second-hand then giving it a ‘factory fresh’ data wipe can do wonders. You’ll have to log back into any services and apply any settings you may have tweaked but that’s the worst you can expect. Maybe worth a try if you have a few issues in various parts of the software.