Pre ordered today

Just Pre-orded 2-SC5000 and X1800 Mixer… my distributer said a potential shipping date of April 11th! That means April 12th will be like Christmas!!! LOL


The whole 2nd half of April will probably be like Xmas, well into May!


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Yes… get those decorations, lights and tinsel up ready! Congratulations. You’ll be a huge leap forward from the current standard💤

I won’t be getting mine till 2018 and I really hope these ain’t a flop,I learnt my lesson :smirk:

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If you were to buy into these and they flop, you will be in excellent company! From Laid Back Luke to Tiesto and from Oliver van Helden to Paul Oakenfold, I doubt any of them needs the money so badly they would change their riders to Denon if they had serious doubts about the legitimacy of the gear.

More importantly - with the stand alone functionality, even if all other support suddenly dried up, these can keep on chugging along on their own for some time. No extra software or hardware required.

That said, I think Denon has learned from past launches - this doesn’t have the same vibe at all. They’re not just going to throw in the towel quickly. They know it’s a long haul to crack this segment and they seem very committed to doing it and doing it right.

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