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I’m really looking forward to buy Prime4! will Prime4 have a Pre-Listen button (harware or touchscreen) available? When searching on lesser known tracks, it is always good to have a pre-listen, instead of load, play, pause, load another, play, pause etc… It makes a faster process of searching during a live gig. Some controlers have it, like NI S4… I used to assign on any not used button on my Pioneer DDJ T1 and SX.

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If the prime 4 was only 2 deck, I could see how this feature could help. However with the prime 4 being able to play 3 decks while you’re cueing or prelistejning to a 4th that’s plenty of prep time sorted on spare layers

I actually kind of like this idea for not only the Prime 4 but the SC Prime players. He’s right that it does take quite a bit of extra time to load, play, stop, load again just to hear tracks. And every time you’re doing this it starts to analyze if they’re not already analyzed (mine aren’t).

The other related thing I’ve asked for is that touch or (holding the record significantly on the M) counts as the track being paused or stopped per the loading lockout, that way you can just put your hand on the platter to stop the music and load faster without bothering with so many button presses all the time. If your hand is on there, it’s not like it’s going to accidentally load a track, anyway. Loading becomes a pretty intentional and foolproof act without the need to outright turn load lockout off that we do need particularly because of the layers. Hand on the platter stopping the music should also allow you to set the main cue zero without having to press shift, too.


Me too, would help save loads of time with a large library.


Yeah, it is a no brainer feature for the ones who want to be creative with next song beyond the bpm, key, genre type of playlisting.

One might also point out that the direction with streaming services now coming in the play ask for more convienient type of browsing of tracks.

Thank you for your question renmachado, at launch this feature would not be available but we’re always listening and will pass this to the Dev team. If enough people request it I’m sure it will increase the chances of getting onto the review list.

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Thank you very much for your nice reply :slight_smile:

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I absolutely miss this feature which is very common on other systems like Traktor S4 who I’ve been working with before.

Not only you save a lot of time while browsing thru a vast library, also when you pull a track from the prepare crate into a deck just for pre listen and you decide that its not the right time to actually play it, the track will be gone off your prepare crate.

For all those especially the folks from Denon, who have not perfectly understand what we are asking for, I made a video demonstration how pre-listen a track while browsing is done with Traktor S4.

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Well unfortunately you will have to strike that off your reasons to ‘send this merde back’ because you can preview tracks by pressing on the artwork on the touchscreen browser. Perhaps reading the instructions first would help?

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