Pre-computed stems

I’m sure I’m not the first person to ask for stems and I’m aware that the hardware probably isn’t powerful enough to create stems in standalone mode but I don’t see any reason why stems can’t be made in the windows/mac software and then linked to the EQ knobs like VDJ and DJay does.


Are you a software engineer with expertise in coding of DJ software? Do you have knowledge and experience in the development of DJ hardware?

If the answer to the above is no, I dont really see how you can say ‘I don’t see any reason why’ without that knowledge and experience.

If you want stems, buy a powerful laptop and connect it to a controller that supports software with stems included.

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I am a software engineer so I’m confident it can be done by processing the original audio, splitting it into stems, then linking them together in the engine DJ database. I believe the Engine DJ dev team could program such a feature considering the amazing work they’ve done so far. I’m just making a feature request so that the product team is tracking public interests.


I’ve never used DJay, but VDJ’s fake stems thing instead of tone knobs almost makes me forgive the fact latest versions of VDJ don’t sound as good as the old versions. I was shocked how well it works.

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With an expertise in DJ and music related software?

You could be a software engineer configuring the GUI on washing machines, that doesn’t give you any sway with what is or isn’t possible in DJ or music software.

It seems inappropriate to argue about credentials in a feature request forum, but I don’t have “an expertise” in DJ software. I’ve worked with audio software and I’m familiar with how the “stems” are made, but that hardly matters unless your argument is that Engine shouldn’t have a stems feature and this is your way of trying to invalidate my request.

You don’t need experience in something to know what would and wouldn’t be possible. Especially when other software literally already works this way.


But this is exactly the point, we on the outside cant say either way what they can and cant achieve, we dont have the knowledge to make such statements.

Your point at the end is hugely flawed because all other implementation of stems is backed up by powerful computers and runs off powerful computers. Denon devices dont, they are standalone hardware and rely on the internals of that hardware to process tasks.

There are reasons lots of leading people in the industry are stating that there won’t be any form of stems in hardware devices for a long time.

My argument is, you shouldn’t come to a forum, create an account then start throwing around statements about what can be done on something without the relevant qualifications to do so.

I think my idea was lost in translation maybe? My suggestion was that they have their mac/pc software do the processing of stems ahead of time. That way the standalone hardware doesn’t have anything to do with the process of isolating the stems. VDJ has the ability to pre-process stems like this on lower end systems, so that where my final point was coming from.

Sorry if my original post came on a little too strong or something. I’m still confident that my feature request is in the realm of possibility though.


No I understand it, and in itself its not a bad idea… but from my understanding Serato pre-analyses the stem files (if you set it to which they advise you to) and still struggles with the processing during playback/performance, and looking on their forums its eating up some of the worlds most powerful processors.

I know VDJ is doing it more efficiently but not sure how much more.

When I think about it, how powerful will the processor in say a Prime 4 be in comparison to something like an M1 MacBook. Ive done some video editing on an M1 MacBook Pro and it was ridiculous how fast it was rendering HD video files from 2 cameras, yet this stems feature is killing it.

DJ companies are going to have massively up their hardware game before we see this kind of feature being handled in standalone devices.


You are right, you are not the first wanting this. :wink:

But you need to go to the Feature Requests part of the Forum If you want to make Requests and/ or vote for others requests.

Follow this link and place a vote on the request :muscle:

Best regards Engell

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Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


You are welcome. :muscle:

Most of us is here to help eachother :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

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Lexicon DJ , Spleeter and various other apps do it already and some of those are free. We can load drum tracks, vocal track etc into different channels , then use crossfader or fader starts to sync

Im just listening to Rane on Twitch now demoing it on the 4, and it still sounds ropy to me. I think Traktor had it nailed down with the original idea of buying 4 separate tracks to begin with.

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I’m on the stream, too. Serato stems just sound really bad. They were better than djay pro ai stems, but have been easily outclassed by vdj and certain pre-calculated ones. I use Nuo Stems 2.0 for Traktor and it’s just awesome.

The vocals sounded rank to me, robotic. Not the ‘game changer’ they are spouting.


about the stems, there are several requests, I don’t think it’s possible, the power of a computer to do it in real time is much higher,… although one thing is clear to me, I’m sure Denon is working, who knows if to be the first again… a logical solution would be, that on the desktop, the songs could be separated by stems, creating several tracks, and then with the prime hardware, the tracks be played previously separated…

Removed the ehm off-topic posts. DM each other or get a room. I’m tired of all the flags in this topic…

At all. Be respectful. There’s always another opinion, but an idea or request cannot be 100% wrong.


Like some pre-computed set of values so the players don’t have to do quite as much processing, or like dividing the songs into stems that can then be loaded onto the players? I wonder how much it could be pre-computed that way with a set of easily-utilized values for the players. If you divide the tracks into stems first, maybe something similar to the sampling implementation could be used over the link to Engine. Considering InMusic (Jack O’Donnell) owns Torq 2.0, Deckadance 1&2, and Mixmeister now, seems like they should have the IP and brain power to at least manage the latter. However, perhaps they’re more interested in eventually making Engine Desktop full DJ software instead, and just letting the Prime front-ends act as controllers for such advanced features. VDJ is so advanced and has so much fit & finish, though, I suppose if we’re waiting for Engine Desktop to get full MIDI/HID DJing capabilities, that might be holding out for the wrong thing when an option is already available.

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I tried the vdj yesterday, and the stems are incredible, it is clear that the future will bring them to all teams, in one way or another, I hope they find a way to make it possible soon, without the use of additional computers, (I’m a fan of the all in one)