Power Button doesn’t latch

Hi. My SC5000 ‘s power button will not latch. I press it on but it doesn’t ‘stay in’ and the unit powers up for a few seconds and then shuts down. Any body else with this issue? Cheers

It doesn’t latch - it’s a momentary push switch, like a doorbell on a front door.

The push just briefly tells the main motherboard to switch on, and it does.

If you keep your finger on the button for about 5 seconds, the 5000 is forced to shut down, by design. When the 5000 is off, just push the on button briefly and let go

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Hi @bignorthernbloke, welcome to the forum!

As @Christopia states, it is, in essence, a computer. Try the complete shutdown by press and holding the power button. Then remove power cord and repeat press and hold the power button to drain remaining power.

If connecting power again and a brief push still results in a power off, then something is wrong with the button. Please contact support or your retailer.

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Hi Christopia and @Reese Thanks for welcome and the quick replies.

My unit has been working, but I haven’t used it for a few months. Even when I pressed the power button momentarily, the unit ‘flashed’ into a powered-up state but it then powered back down after a couple of seconds or so. In the morning, I’ll try the method you’ve stated @Reese, if it doesn’t work, then back to the retailer it goes. Thanks again

Hey @Reese I just tried the reboot method and no joy :frowning: Luckily it’s still under warranty. Chur!

Sounds more like your Cable is nog perfect in the unit or powersupply is short.

  • Maybe try getting the Cables into a other powersupply of new Cables. Also check if it’s all the way in the SC5000

Let us know how it goes with the retailer.

@bignorthernbloke - Contact our global support team if you have any trouble with the retailer. We’ll be happy to help!

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