Power backup on X1800?

I really love the 10 second power backup function on the SC5000, but will it also be available for the X1800 mixer? I always have an audio source (standby track or otherwise my voice) standby, but when the mixer fails it’s quiet dough…

Nope, it’s not available on the X1800 mixer Addie

Thanks for the clarification. :+1: It’s been years I managed not to pull the power cord out of the mixer and I think I can pull of that trick for a few more years :grinning:

Good thing is a mixer boots up pretty quickly from a power loss. I can see why they didn’t think it was as important on this piece.

On the other hand, makes total sense to build back up power into a player. After all, if a player goes down, it takes longer to reboot and then you still have load a track and get it playing again. May have happened to me once or twice… Ugh… :grimacing:

More importantly, it allows your media to eject safely so when power is restored your stick still works. :smiley:

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Some batteries loose their capacity over the years, can they easily be replaced? Or will they hold for more than 5 years?