Post Your Mixes Links Here, Lets Hear Them

My mini mix. Hope sharing an instagram link would not cause any complications. Using 4 channels is a bit challenging, I still could not get used to it.

My short trance mix.

Dub techno into dark tech stuff >>>

A Good Night In Part 4

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Added The 4th BT session This one is more Technosounding Drum & Bass going to nasty Amen-Darkstep

New Prog House mix from me. Been a few months since I last did one. No prep, apart from my first track and went with the flow.

MixcloudJuly Prog Mix - Mixcloud

Mixed on Prime 4.

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Part two of my new trance classics series.

My exclusive guest mix for Listen Brazil! Progressive house vibes :slight_smile:

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I have to ask because I’ve recently figured out that South America loves progressive, what is going on down there? Something in the water? It makes me really happy to see!


I don’t really know, But having Hernan Cattaneo as an Argentinian, beach clubs like Warung in Brazil where Progressive house works very well certainly helps! It’s a happy place for progressive house lovers, a lot of great producers and DJs, and the “scene” is big enough to survive trends, but not big enough to be mainstream, the perfect size to avoid “contamination” :rofl:


I totally forgot about this channel. Here’s a mix of progressive with a bit of techno and a few tracks from daze of yore. Stream Where do we go from here? by DJSirReal | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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Well send some good vibes up north then, I’m tired of being bombarded with ‘EDM’ here in the US.

I’ve been a fan of Hernan for 20 years, glad to see he’s still cranking out 3+ hour sets to packed venues down there on the regular!

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