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totaly agree with you ever since the release everybody talks about the nice hardware and crap software. this is why i switched back to my former brand and my p4 is used by my kids now:-(

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OK now you’ve vented off, can you perhaps give us some details about exactly what problems you’ve had with the software? Since I’ve had my Prime 4, the Engine DJ software has done what’s it’s designed to do.

I’m assuming your Prime 4 is working fine though, despite you mentioning someone elses unit failing during a gig (they really should’ve had a backup in place).


or we’ll all be loyal Pioneer customers :joy: no thanks been there, done that! Have you been on the Facebook Pioneer RX3 group page lately? Software and hardware issues, RX3 freezes up during gigs, etc and loads of software issues with their latest update. I agree the Engine Software is not the best at the moment and have had a few problems too but look how long Rekordbox has been around compared to Engine and RB is still having a loads of problems :man_shrugging:


The issues all seem to be about this online bit… lets get back to basics and have pysical copies and installed software… like in the olden days. Leave the tintyweb for mybragtwitpage

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Okay, I might have beta builds on, but I’ll agree with you on this one. Just trying to make a point, it’s not every six months.

Ah the old frustration outlet…

Been there as well. (and probably will fool myself to let it all out here again as well…)

1 Thing i learned by buying myself a Prime 4 & Prime GO… it’s NOT Pioneer but it does the job BIG time for me, the amount of money i saved by purchasing Denon compensated in frustration through the Engine app… it’s indeed THE bottleneck of the whole experience. And once some issues FINALLY get fixed… indeed, the frustration soked in so badly instead of beeing happy it feels toxic.

I suddenly realized “the engine-app is a FREE app…” so basicly Denon is the giving hand here…

“BUT ALL THE OTHERS THEIR FREE APPS CAN DO IT!?” yeah true but i’ll give you in on a little secret:

Current global tendencies learn us that in the end everything will work eventually… not from the start… but after tons of fails in the end it will… (normally this is in beta world but it seems products just get released now and brands let the stupid idiots that took the risk of buying a MK1 figure out the problems for them after release…)

20year old me would be shocked if he saw that the current me (34year old) accepted this mentality and no more questions why. The world & it’s lacking-efficiency growth is a fact. We need to deal with it. And yeah it’s far from easy.


First I want to start off that I’m a big fan. Your mixes, if you’re the same PKDJ on Soundcloud, are brilliant. As for problems, I only have issues with the weak software. Sure, it’s capable, but so is a horse and buggy. I still want an efficiently running car. I have friends, more than one, who have had real glitches with their P4. Repeated glitches. That’s either buggy software or poor quality control on component builds. Regardless, not all of us are going to agree. I firmly believe we are entitled to software that is on par with the hardware we paid our hard-earned money for. That’s it for the pulpit. You can close this post if you want.

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Point made. Shouldn’t have pegged Pio. Insert some kit that works as it’s advertised.

N.D.M., I agree partly. The app is “free” but it’s required to get any tracks on the Prime kits, unless you want to use the less-efficient on-board analyzing. I think most of us would consider paying for software that was functionally outstanding, and updated with aggressive attention to the user-base’s issues and feature requests.

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I would like to make clear, that I know very well Denon is listening to their users. My issue is with the frequency in which the updates are rolling out. Which usually means the team is understaffed, or a new version of “something” is on the horizon. In any case, my rant was a message; my opinion solely, albeit it voiced loudly. I’m not someone who can afford to just switch to something else. I apologize to anyone I offended.

I agree about the engine desktop software being rubbish. To this day, I’m still using rekordbox as my home database and syncing to engine using lexicon. I also remember how many versions it took before Rekord box became stable, though. Version 4.1 of Rekordbox was the first truly stable build. I agree on VDJ. They are the only team out there that will add a feature request within a day of it being requested. VDJ is also pay-to-use software with a team that only focuses on VDJ and nothing else. As long as Engine OS remains for the next half decade, InMusic has a bright future with the software.

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No that’s not me. I do have an account on there, but no content.

Again though, you’ve not said exactly what these alleged issues are. You just say “problems” and “glitches”. What issues are you having? Report them properly on here and there’s a much greater chance they’ll be addressed.

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