Possible to change Key in cents?


Sorry if that was already covered but I haven’t seen any post regarding this.

Long time Traktor user, really considering buying the Prime 4 but I have 2 questions.

One thing I LOVE on traktor and can’t go without is the ability to change the key in CENTS. I can go up and down precisely 0.10, 0.15, 0.25, 0.50 etc… as what I really dig is to match the tone of the percussion, not so much the key of the track. So usually + or - .25% does it.

The only thing I see here is shifting the key by increments. Sometimes it just needs a small adjust on the sound you want to pitch.

It seems like if we change the tone by using the pitch control we can’t do it in sync?

How do you guys do it with Prime 4? I’m very sensitive this about because to me, having the kick or whatever element adjusted to the other track keeps that feeling of continuity.

Question 2- I understand how to select a track but can you preview? Like skipping through it fast and actually listen to it before selecting? Either by headphone cue it or routing the preview in a channel?

Thank yoU!

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