Possible quantize bug?

Well this was new tonight. My usually hot cue into my next song was actually like quantize was on when it wasn’t. So like when engaging play to keep the song going it would try to lock to something else and skip ahead or behind. But it would only do it when first loading the song. After the first time with that track it wouldn’t do it again with that track unless I reloaded it again. Anyone else experienced anything like this? So again. It’s acting like quantize is engaged but it’s not. : /

Hi @ Djscottyb Can I ask, was you using the sync on at the time when this happens? If yes it is possible the sync is set to bar or beat, try setting to tempo. But if your sync was off then I can honestly say I have not experienced a jump forwards or backwards from hitting the cue.

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Holy moly I bet that’s it!! I was juggling both layers on both decks last night so I wanted to use sync to help keep everything lined up and I had changed that setting the morning before.

You are awesome! Thank you

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