Possible bug in send/return effects frequency filter?

I don’t know if this is a bug or just I am missing something, but there is a situation that I don’t understand:

I am playing any track with any external effects unit connected to the send/return loop (like a Korg KaossPad, or a Pioneer RMX1000 or an RMX500, whatever). I activate the effect and turn the wet/dry knob all the way to the right (fully wet). So far, so good. Now, if I turn the frequency knob, I understand that this should act as a filter by only letting certain frequencies to pass (like it does correctly with the builtin echo effect, for example), but instead, it acts as a wet/dry knob again: turn it all the way to the left (lowest frequency), and is fully dry. In the middle position, is fully wet. But turn it all the way to the right (highest frequency) and is fully dry again.

I understand that this shouldn’t be this way.

With the wet/dry knob to fully wet, and then turning the frequency knob, the latter should affect the range of frequencies that pass or get filtered over this fully wet signal, and not behaving like it does.

I hope I explained myself correctly.

Will this behavior be corrected some day? or I am just misunderstanding some point?

Does the x1800 effects filter work by filtering what frequeny is passed INTO the x1800 effects! Systems or why frequenys pass OUT OF the x1800 effects system?

Good question and currently I don’t know the answer, but in any of these both cases, the frequency filter shouldn’t behave as it is doing with the send/return loop, in my opinon.

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Hi @ElTitoFranki - thank you sharing this, I’m looking to get an answer back to you ASAP.

Regards J


I haven’t used the filter knob while utilizing the send/return loop yet. I am also curious.

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Hi, @Jay_DenonDJ, any news on this issue?

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We are still looking into it @ElTitoFranki, thanks for following up.

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@Nekoro_DenonDJ, do you have any update on this issue?

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