Portable Wi-Fi to Access Streaming Services Remotely

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I am in search of a portable Wi-Fi unit/router that would be compatible with the Prime Go. My goal is to be able to bring my Prime Go + this device to link and access my streaming services (currently SoundCloud) while out camping, in festival parking lots, etc where other Wi-Fi connection isn’t available. I assume this option would have to be subscription/data usage based, but again I am not an expert in this field, hence reaching out to this community. I hope something out there is made for this type of DJ’ing.


Any kind of those devices would work. I have tried a Huawei mobile wi-fi router and iphone/android hotspots. All worked fine.

But what if I’m out in the middle of nowhere camping? I doubt there would be a hotspot available… Am I wrong? That is why I am in search of a device so that I can be confident in a connection wherever I am at.


Well you need a mobile network signal and then you can use a mobile hotspot device. If there is no signal there no streaming.

Is there a device I can purchase that would allow streaming in remote areas with no mobile network signal? Where both my Prime Go and Soundcloud account can connect to and perform

To stream you would require a connection. In most cases this will be the fixed internet connection where you connect to the wi-fi. if you do not have a fixed internet connection, a connection via the mobile network with 4G or 5G is a good alternative. As mentioned above, for example, 4G / 5G routers are for sale, (for example made by Huawai) but you also need a SIM here with a data plan and you need a connection. Turn on a hotspot on an Android phone is an other option. This way you can just use your current subscription plan. Places where a mobile connection is not available becoming more and more quite rare these days, but if you run into this you can always check whether another provider has coverage in the area where you want to play or consider Starlink (but this will become very expensive).

was going to suggest this as well…thats elon musk’s right?

Yes. It’s called a Satellite Network Hotspot, it’s around $8200.00 USD. I hope that DJ gig pays well.


EE provides the best coverage in the UK. I would recommend you either get an EE mobile router and sim package or hotspot an EE network from your phone. Plusnet is piggybacked off the EE network and would be a cheaper alternative.

Star link is cheaper than that

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Have you tried using Starlink for any type streaming service? It’s horrible, many of my clients are in rural areas and have given up on Starlink.

Interesting! Actually I know multiple people who have and love Starlink in rural areas and have mentioned streaming movies with no problems. I would have to imagine downloading a much smaller music file should be no trouble. Remember we aren’t streaming these files we are downloading them in full, first.