Portable speaker!

looking for a small portable speaker to use, with no latency/lag to put in my backpack to play and mix on my Prime Go. looking for try and tested info. please help cant find one

Any speaker connected via cable will do fine. Avoid using wireless solutions for audio, as this will always add a delay.

Unfortunately not true, I have tried a few, like jbl charge 4. UE boom. I plugged into the auxiliary and still has a delay so can’t beat match. Try it for your self, the only speaker I know of is the minirig but super expensive.

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I didn’t say nothing about a speaker with DSP for consumer market. I was thinking about more pro speakers like American Audio CPX15, Electro voice ZLX12BT, The Box MBA120W, JBL EON One, and so on…

I’ve been very happy with speakers from Kitsound. For example the Hive X has no discernable delay when connected with a cable.

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I’m talking more of like a handheld something like a JBL charge UE boom something I can stick in a backpack with the go controller.

Quite a few of the newer speakers seem to be using a DSP to make up for carefully calculated fidelity and/or highest quality components and design.

Unfortunately, a dsp getting included in the workings of the speaker will usually introduce a latency.

It’s probably only DJs trying to beatmatch in real, by-ear, terms who would ever notice dsp latency.

I have seen some speakers, carlsborgh, I think, which offered a push button “DSP defeat” option but they sounded cheap, rough and very flat when that option was used.

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The Hive X will easily fit into a backpack. You can also easily hold it in your hand.

Have you tried to beat match with the speaker? Also we’re can I look at the speaker. Thanks

Good news I have found a really great portable handheld throw in your backpack speaker for the prime go beside mini iRig which is a great speaker but these are fraction of the cost. Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker with Hi-Res 30W Audio, BassUp, Wireless Speaker, App, Custom EQ, 12H Playtime, Waterproof, USB-C. A great little speaker that packs a punch if you’re looking for portability and perfect for beat matching.when using the auxiliary connection.

Amazon’sChoicefor "anker soundcore

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That’s interesting. I’ve had these same problems. I have two bluetooth speakers (Anker, UE Megaboom) and have tried with a Sony one - all via AUX, and each one has had a lag making beatmatching impossible.

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I’m here to tell you that this one is a go when you’re plugged into the auxiliary connection, I have been ooking for quite some time now the only choices I found are the mini iRig which are fantastic but expensive and then the sound core motion plus by Anker I believe Amazon has a sale it’s only like 79 bucks it’s great for taking with the prime go anywhere you could even hook up two of them.

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which Bluetooth transmitter do you use to communicate with the speaker?

Yes, it seems the speaker dj1177 has chosen also has a DSP.

Minirig 3 is the best minirigs.co.uk

I see some portable DJs / turntablist use JBL Go.

Only when you’re using the auxiliary connection.

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Soundcore Motion+ by Anker is $100

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