Popping Sound on Mic Buttons

I am now on my second Prime Go. When I push the mic buttons (1 or 2) there is a popping sound in my PA. This happens even when no cables (XLR or 1/4") are plugged into the channels. Also- the volume knob is turned all the way down on Mic 1 and 2.

I have used all sorts of different setups, even plugged it into 3 different PA systems (Bose S1, Bose Compact and my bluetooth speaker)

I have run it through a mixer and same issue.

Anyone else have this problem? As a wedding DJ, it is not ideal to have a popping sound when turning the mics on and off.

Thanks Aaron

No popping on my Prime 4. Volume up, down, mic in, mic out. Nothing.

As silent as Denon replying to an email :joy:

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I would love that kind of silence haha! After being on hold for an hour they finally answered and said, hey were going on a 30 min break and will call you back in 90 minutes…still haven’t gotten a call

I just got my Prime Go and tested the Mic buttons and yes there is a popping sound.


Does this happen both on battery and main power ?

Yes, both battery powered and plugged in it pops.

this is also a no go for the prime_go :frowning:

One comment I got from another tech support is that the mic buttons are not mute buttons but live on/off. The popping sound it makes is just like if you plugged a mic into a mixer with the levels up. If the master is down, it doesn’t pop. Not a great solution, and if that is the case, it should be noted in the manual.

I’m still waiting for a call/email back from Denon Tech…

I also noticed this sound. and I have to admit it’s not a good thing …

Mine pops as well, its a pretty nasty sound and one that would turn the audience’s heads for sure

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It would be great to hear from Denon. I can’t believe they would release this unit with that glaring problem. It had to have happened during demos.