Poor cue buttons on the Denon Dj Prime x18000 mixer

This is a video of my Denon Dj Prime x1800 mixer cue buttons showing how they have become loose and harder to engage them is this normal or faulty ?

Hi Paul,

I / We don’t see a video or link to it. Why did you made a new topic anyway? :wink:


I’m having the same problem… l have to use a lot of pressure just to engage the cues…

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My channel 3 cue is not sitting right after just a day of use, seems to of lost it’s click feedback but is still functional. Not happy though as it looks like I’m gonna have to return it :frowning:

I’ve been on my x1800 for over a year of home use in week and most Fridays and Saturdays and some Sunday in mobile work and all the button are still fully working. They feeling like they were on new.

Well I’m sure those unlucky enough to have a defective unit find your comment extremely helpful and comforting.



Thank you. It isto say that it is not a wide problem

Mine was returned today and a new one on the way tomorrow.

Please re-post a link to this video you’re talking about.

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It would be interests to see that video

Headphone cue buttons?