📊 Poll | What's your favorite performance view?

Did you know all Engine DJ standalone devices offer multiple performance views?

Changing views is achieved by holding SHIFT and pressing the VIEW button.

I’m curious to see what views are most popular among the community!

Dual-Layer Media Players

  • Single waveform
  • Stacked Waveforms (layers A & B)
  • I didn’t know there were different views!

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2-Deck Standalone Controllers

  • Vertical - Track list in the center
  • Horizontal
  • I didn’t know there were different views!

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4-Deck Standalone Controllers

  • Vertical - Track list in the center
  • Vertical - Side-by-side waveforms (no track list)
  • Horizontal - 2 stacked waveforms (focus decks)
  • Horizontal - 4 stacked waveforms
  • I didn’t know there were different views!

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Moin @JWiLL,

mostly I use the vertical view, track in the middle or very often horizontal - 4 stacked waveforms and if I use all 4 decks simultanously, I switch to vertical - Side- by side (no track list) …

It depends on the purpose

So I have the question: Why can’t I tick more then one item here in your questionary?

Have a happy, sunny fullmoon evening



Hi @BeatMaster - I also switch between vertical with track list and horizontal depending on my situation. These are the views I use when mixing on the PRIME 4.

Vertical with track list (most frequent) - I use this view when I play open format events, where the music from one event to the next rarely changes. In these situations, I end up playing from the same playlist for most of the set.

Horizontal - I use this in situations when I need the extra visual aid of the stacked waveforms to help me beat match.

So, I agree it certainly depends on the situation, but I limited the poll to a single entry, as I want to learn the single most used view per user per product.

Thank you so much for sharing your use cases for each view.

All the best,



Moin Jason —> @JWiLL,

thanks for your prompt reply. And if I’m right, your preferences are nearly the same as my.

I wish you many votes for your questionary.

Enjoy and brgds


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Sc5000m user.

I prefer single waveform with library kept open at all times because I don’t like moving waveforms. I would love the option to keep library open automatically once you’ve selected your track, rather than having to press the back button every time. It would also be nice if we could close the playlist window and have our tracks full screen.

Could really do with stacked waveform from the other player maybe in a future update ?


I’m with you here. To have the view to show only a static wave and have the full track details Inc album art, rating, colour, etc… and toggle to always on… would be nice touch :grinning:


Bonjour, Pourquoi pas 2 forme d’ondes côte à côte plus liste de lecture sur le coté Et aussi 4 forme d’ondes côte à côte plus liste de lecture sur le côté En mode verticale et horizontale.

Is this a hint for the next software update…? :thinking:

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I’ve put it forward as a feature request.


Wouldn’t that be grand!

What would be great is single track two player composite (half waveform from one half from other), or some other composit.

I still believe that the view should also be available in the settings and not only changing with Shift + View Button Combo

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it is a shame you cannot have stacked and playlist showing at the same time on the sc6000s all tha screen just to show eave forms it could be better utilised

Hi all,

New and very proud Prime 4 user here, coming from an MCX8000 (which I still use and love - never had a problem with it). The 4-deck vertical with centre track list is my favourite. Saying that, I never use vertical on the laptop, but the difference in stand alone for me is the convenience of having the track display (as on the laptop) in front of me at all times without having to switch screens so I am rapidly getting used to the layout.

Still learning the machine but having absolute fun (and challenges).



Hi @DJMikeyJ - Welcome to the community, and thanks so much for sharing your use case with us! Very interesting to see that you don’t normally use vertical waveforms when controlling computer based DJ software, but do with the Prime 4. Your reasoning makes a lot of sense and gives us good detail to consider when designing UI and new features.

Enjoy your new Prime 4 :slight_smile:

On my 5000M, I would prefer to see the waveform of the 2 different players

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