POLL: What's your experience with Vinyl?

It’s an honour…The first user poll of the new Denon DJ Forums and I’d love you to join in on this poll. Whether you just vote in the Poll, or vote and add your comments afterwards, please… let us all know your involvement with vinyl.

  • I play DVS/Timecode Vinyl only, no actual music vinyl
  • I’ve DJed with vinyl before but have changed to other formats eg: Digital files, CD etc
  • I still DJ with vinyl (actual Music records, not just DVS/Timecode)
  • I’ve never DJed with vinyl

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Started out 40 years ago, clearly with vinyl AND cassette-tapes (the tool of amateurs at the time LOL).

Two different turntables, belt-drive, no DJ cartridges and no clue what a slip mat was. Truly a perfect start into the art.

Moved on to pro residency with both SL12s and other Technics models with pitch control (thumb wheel) and a motor that was nowhere near the quality of the S12s.

Believe I was one of the first to start using the Ortofon Concorde cartridges when they came out in Europe.

Then added the first Sony DiscMan D5 in 1984. While no pitch control it was fun to have and a big difference in sound. Not many dance tunes available then though.

Skip fast forward to now. Fully digital, phasing out my DDJ-SX and phasing in my MCX8000.

If I get the chance I will play vinyl (regular, no DVS) once or twice a year for an hour. I will love it and also know I am happy we have move on with technology. Especially after hauling home my vinyl case on the train :smiley:.

I’ve started with Vinyl 20 years ago, changed to cd and finally to digital. Still playing my vinyls from time to time when I’m Booked for Sets. At my Studio still working with technics 1210mk 2. I would never change those turntable classics to any other brand.

Hi! Vinayak here. Started playing in 1998 with CDs. Got myself a pair of turntables and some vinyl and started playing with vinyl in 2003. Have a modest collection of about 250-300 records. Started DVS in 2006. Largely play with Ableton Live now, but still do actual vinyl and DVS on turntables once in awhile (when the music that I have on vinyl, mostly psytrance, techno and house, matches the event requirements). Am considering the Prime series as I need an upgrade w.r.t. CD players, DVS and the Turntables also look very interesting. I might not get rid of my current Ministry of Sound turntables, but am definitely considering the Prime series. Let’s see.

I’m a vinyl junkie. I fell i love with vinyl at a very young age, playing all of my parents 45’s on my belt drive record player in my bedroom. I used to set up my tape recorder with a mic and record my “radio” show. I would introduce the artist and song and then play the record. This was when the players would automatically drop the next 45 that was stacked up on top. LOL. my first DJ gig was when I played for my sisters 7th brithday party at the house, I remember the very first song I played “Celebrate” by Kool and the Gang!. Since then I have been an avid crate digger and I feel vinyl is the best media to listen to music on. Proper! Sureshot

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Got my first set of decks in 1994 (1210s with a Kam mixer) and kept them until early 2000s, when I sold them and bought CDJs. Bought some back last year, for 5 x what I sold them for, but couldn’t be happier. There is no experience quite like mixing on vinyl.

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I started on vinyl nearly 20 years ago, but for the vast majority of sets I use the Prime now. Since Final Scratch 1.0, I’ve used DVS, but switched to controllers when the S4 initially hit the market. I will always have my Technics 1210 MK2s in the studio, and for some events I’ll bring just one of them for scratching/live sampling from old vinyl. I LOVE them. They are my roots and there’s still nothing quite like them, but they are my collectibles now & I try to leave them at home safe.

I may pick up one of these new Denon decks to run alongside my full PRIME setup, partially because I do enjoy the deck to the right for sampling and scratching, but also because it would allow me to leave the Technics safe at home 100% of the time.

When my plan is more of a “Live PA set” the deck comes along. When I’m strictly dj’ing, the deck stays home.

For most Dj’s today, it would be silly to lug around heavy turntables when you can get a bit more precision from a controller or a setup like the PRIME players.


“IKEA is strong with him” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also thought about one VL12 next to my SL. Seems like a good match.

Output Platform desk on the right, cheap ikea on the left. Balances out pretty well.