Plugging lc6k into sc6k causes sc6k to load diagnostic mode


I have a weird issue where if my lc6k is connected to my sc6k and I power the lc6k on, it causes the sc6k to automatically switch to computer mode. The sc6k then enters into the sc6k diagnostic screen which lets you run various tests. Rebooting the sc6k doesnt fix it, it just reboots, detects the lc6k and automatically switches to computer mode again. When the lc6k is not connected or just powered off, the sc6k functions fine. This feels like it started happening just recently, after the sc6k engineOS 2.2 update but i cant be 100% sure…

The lc6k itself seems to behave normally on power up (lights and screen come on). I,ve also swapped out usb cables, but no luck.

Any ideas on how to further troubleshoot it? would it be worthwhile trying to downgrade the OS to 2.1?

Can you post pics how the diagnostic mode looks like and what tests can you run? That would be very interesting.

And I think for this one you will have to contact support.


Yes please! Would love to see this!

Here, you go, diagnostic screen with various submenus.

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Ok This is pretty sweet! Now people how do we replicate this?! :joy:

@Satchelmouth: Better not mess around in there and contact support.

For you: @Anthony_DDJ

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thanks for all for the suggestions and yes, i have already run some of the tests, i couldnt help myself! They are all non destructive / dont change any config from what i experienced.

So strange, as my sc6000 work sperfectly without the lc6000 plugged in.

ive raised a support case, 48hrs ago and counting for an update haha :wink:

Try to power the LC with the separate power supply. It should not need it, but perhaps it solves your problem for now.

Hey @Satchelmouth - Sorry to hear you’re having some issues. I would suggest connecting with our technical support team at this point. Feel free to DM me and I can connect you direct to a team member.

Just a small update to close this one off, ticket was with Denon support for 19 days with no response so took it to the store i boght it from and tested it on the stores sc6000 - same issue. They’ve since replaced the lc6k with a brand new one. Massive thanks to Rockshop and InMusic New Zealand crew for sorting that out.

Awesome, so glad you got it sorted. Customer service is so important for repeat business. (hint, hint, Denon)

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