Please provide a roadmap or disclose what is to come :)

Hello dear fellow djs and denon staff.

I’m pretty new to this Platform and on Denon DJ hardware and i’m happy that it is constantly evolving.

So I browsed the feature request and legacy request section and was amazed about the sheer number of requests.

But i also noticed Features that were requested when the prime launched and have not been implemented even with 80 votes on the new System - not even a mention if it ever will be or is impossible or anything :(.

I think it would be quite nice if you disclose whether a feature is possible or not, or if you consider it or not and give us some kind of roadmap of what’s to come and when. No fixed dates but something like: Version 2.2 will have these features and is planed to be released Q4/22 etc.

I mean for example better BPM editing on the device is requested like 4 years ago yet nothing has happened. So why not just shut it down or at least tell us what is holding you back or when we could see an implementation or even a consideration :-/.

I love my prime and having a feature request section is in itself a huuuuuuge plus. But without any official acknowledgement it feels a bit meaningless :frowning:

Thats all, thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Feature requests are a good tool for updating current products when possible but they are also good for development of “new products”.

Companies that develop dj gear never reveal what will be upcoming.


If you can search for phrase “will not implement” in topic titles, you’ll find that, pre-pandemic, denon staff used to add that term to the suggestions. It’s been a while since any suggestion topics received that sort of edit.

Overall, if someone’s going to hang around and wait for a suggestion that might be a day old or a decade old to appear on a product, before they choose what to buy, they’ll never buy.

Similarly, you could buy something tomorrow and 6 features get added a week later via free firmware.

As had been said a few times here…. Buy a product for what it offers you TODAY - Assume it’ll never receive any updates and then anything you buy will be worth exactly what you paid for it.


That’s a good point but to be honest I would have never ever expected that I can not

  • correct the BPM during beatgrid editing on the device.
  • apply Ratings for a song on the device.
  • keep Beatport link songs in an offline locker.

This are so essential features everyone would expect in a professional device. It feels like to buy a car and you find out that it don’t have a reverse gear.

I come from TRAKTOR PRO, everyone is complaining about TRAKTOR and features which are not implemented since years. I did not pay 10 times the price for Denon DJ gear to get the same. Professional should expect from a professional company to be treated as professionals.

I agree to 100% with @DJ_ArcTis that at a minimum there should be some kind of roadmap for feature which are user requested. We are not talking on highly innovative killer features which should be treated secretly.

I would say this is not unique to companies of DJ gear and I absolutely get the point if its about new and unique interventions.

I disagree that it’s fine and customer friendly if it’s done like this for regular feature requests and features we already would expect.

And I think the rest of the world would agree you.

I have a question. Is any of the shortcomings you are experiencing stopping you from djing? lol.

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That’s why pre-purchase research is useful

It’s would be the “professional” thing to do


You can DJ on a Hercules $60 controller and your smartphone and you can DJ on “nearly” club standard gear from Denon DJ. The expectations and the features you get should be different :slight_smile:

Not stopping, but I will definitely stop to use Beatport Link :slight_smile:

Ha, you got me.

Of course You buy something and get exactly that. The Hardware is perfect for me, the Software is bad, but I learn to live with it find some work arounds and no update the next five years😂 Even if I don’t think the Software will be better soon, as there are a forum open for suggestions and requests it would be still nice to know if there is hope for at least some of the missing features.

well i did my research but not everything is covered with such a complex product. I admit I may be spoiled coming from Traktor but as intermediate step I tried to DJ on real but cheep DJ players: The Gemini MDJ 500, only 200 bucks per unit paired with a Behring DDM 4000 mixer. The complete setup was around 800 €. The gemini are not perfect either, horrible, nearly unusable loop section but it has the ability to set the bpm via a dial, tap them in and adjust the beatgrid with ease. I could prepare all my tracks on this device. And the behringer mixer has 2 fx sections and 2 bpm counters - but you can set the bpm via dial as well. And the FX is routable to every of the 5 channels. You can have one on each track, 2 in serial, one on the master an one on idk track 3 etc., midi in/out, an extra sub out with mono function and LP cutoff up to 200 Hz, fully customizable eqs and much more. I agree this is my fault but to think that a dj piece as expensive as the prime 4 comes without such features was beyond my imagination.

And on the terms of secrecy: The request section is public so anyone could read the suggestions. Besides: Most if not all DJ company’s announce their products way in advance on music shows like namm or other conventions.

The hardware is superb and i love djing with the prime 4 but when you want to have a community you should participate in it. If you want to have user suggestions interact with the users and show them you are interested.

Will I sell my Prime 4? Hell no! Is it holding me back from DJing? No!

At the moment i use my MPC One with a midi controller for the effects (and as a sampler) since the prime 4 fx are a bit lacking and can not be combined (or used on external gear :-/), especially the flanger.

But i really would like to know where this journey is headed and right now this forum seems a bit lifeless :frowning:

And the sad part is: Again no response from denon :frowning:

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

At least Denon don’t force people to use their software to make use of their 4 channel units in standalone.


Honestly I am really confident in what we will get from further Engine OS/DJ software updates. If I look on what is happening for Akai hardware I would describe it as very satifying for there customer and I dont think it will be different for Denon DJ gear.

What Denon DJ is delivering with Engine OS is outstanding. They only have to finetune and of course come up with great inovations :slight_smile:

But yes, some kind of feedback what we can expect related to user requests would be realy cool.

Keep up the good work !!!

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It’s lifeless because the usual suspects are busy testing the new updates and discussing it in private. It’s not good for someone in the know to jump in and respond to something that might get changed or get ‘fixed’.

I’m not an Engine DJ beta tester btw. These are my own views and knowledge from a freudian slip one time on this forum which exposed a lot of the beta testers. :innocent:

I know who you are and I know who to congratulate or who to blame :rofl: :rofl:


That’s the point


Look, it’s so easy to understand: inMusic as company is not interested in DJing but to get revenue and gain profit from it. To spend resources and implement wishes from DJs on already sold hardware doesn’t generate new business. To add light function in sold hardware generates new business for their SoundSwitch brand so obviously that has got priority. Yes, I also filed a feature request but not dreaming … I’d rather put my efforts into open source software and try to get things solved with the people who are interested in make things better compared to gaining profit.

Just my 2ct…


Adding features to already sold products can generate new sales. As people will see these devices after update in the venues, at their friends house, at the wedding, or other dj related occasion. Then this can add to demand of having same or newer product, that already will have new features implemented. This also has sense from the development point of view, as older hardware can handle new features and get those features tested in terms of demand and sustainability of older features on the market. So this gives a more clear view for the brand what to do next and ow to focus their development team on new product.


Partially agree but as with all companies, they are surely looking for short term, measurable profit. Agree fully that with “new” hardware they will generate additional revenue. But don’t agree with your argument. Why improving sold gear when they can add features to new one and people are getting forced to buy this new device because of the new features. From a business pov this makes absolutely sense.

I love the hardware by Denon and would like to see improvements on their software side too but I am not much enthusiastic about it.

And I agree with the thread opener that some communication from Denon would help to bind their customers. Again it is very much impossible to hard measure the effect in $$$

We all seen that pioneer doing - new features = new hardware. And this is not the best business model, as many customers started to look for alternatives in terms of dj software and controllers, as hardware was evolving too slow to keep up with creativity and demand of djs.

Communicating future plans with customers (and also potentially to your competition) is a very risky operation. There are some things that can be said, and some things that should better be not. Think and tell us, what You would like to hear? Maybe Denon will respond, but I think, it is more safe to remain silent until new stuff comes out (software/hardware). Then some things can be revealed, but again, not much…


They have to do more than fine tune if they want to be a serious brand against competitors. I am in no way bashing Denon as I also believe what they have they done with Engine OS and the Prime series is outstanding. Unfortunately Denon gear still lack in effects which is where it lets the brand down. I am not asking for Pioneer effects but I am asking for better and more choice than what we currently have. Effects as they are now increase volume and are poor sounding for a lot of people.

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I faced the same issue. Ordered Denon Prime 4. and did all the research during the 5 days it took to reach me :stuck_out_tongue:

What me and others wait long time is to fix the effect session in Prime series Also a very important fix and easy i think is to save our favorite settings like shorting per bpm or whatever someone needs There is already the option save some preferences but why the sorting preference is not saved??? I really don’t get it.