Please Make Engine Lighting compatible for Third Party DMX Interfaces

Hi Denon DJ Team.

We all know, thats Not possible to getting the Official Soundswitch Micro DMX Interface. It Would be very Helpful if wie Could use Third party Interfaces with Engine Lighting at our Prime Controllers and SCs without a Laptop or MacBook.

Thanks in advance


I just received confirmation my usb dongle will be dispatched on August 22nd.

Please work towards alternatives.

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Dear Ben,

I have the Same Problem. This is the reason for my topic. Denon is also really cheeky to offer the Control One as an alternative device for around 300 Euro. That is 10 times what the MicroDMX dongle costs. And manufacturers such as Eurolite offer Identical dongles for around 50 Euro.It shouldn‘t be a lot of effort for Denon DJ to adapt the Engine Lighting Interface so that such third-party devices can be used Plug-and Play.

BR Matthias


What’s up @Royal_DJ,

There are several third party DMX interfaces that work with SoundSwitch. See below:

…but only the computer software app - not the standalone embedded Engine Lighting system (as per thread title).


Ahh. My bad. Carry on…