Please bring back infinite reverb

Before the Prime 4 got the effects upgrade, the reverb’s decay time could go on up to infinity. That was really amazing because it allowed for transforming tracks into droning soundscapes and keeping it blended in even long after the track was mixed out.

Currently, the decay is only a few seconds max. I believe that this is actually pretty short to cover all user cases. Kindly consider changing it back, so that the reverb goes on as long as the decay stays on maximum position.


It would be great, now from 50% in the application of the effect, it behaves in a different way

Wait, this was a thing? They need to bring this back ASAP! I added it as a feature request:, please vote on it!

It sure was, and it was soooo awesome! Obviously the new effects are a huge step forward, but I don’t understand why they took this away from us. It really is a major loss. All my votes are already used but I will see if I can withdraw one in favor of your feature request. I want the infinite reverb back again so bad!


Every vote helps :slight_smile:. It shouldn’t be too hard for them to implement I think, but it does need attention for them to notice.

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