playlists on the fly

Is there a way to import playlists i mad on the fly on my prime 4 into my engine prime software on my PC ? I really don’t want to have to sit at my PC and make playlists I want to make them as I’m playing tunes on my decks I have tried syncing my USB into engine software but it just uploads hot cues etc help please anyone ? thank you

No, unfortunately :frowning:

oh dear thank you for your reply this is such a shame do you think this is something they could introduce in a firmware/software update ?

Check to see if there is already feature for this and add your vote, if not you are free to create your own request.

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im not sure how to do that ?

Start here

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Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately EngineDJ suffers from horrible playlist mechanics. Its one of the worst parts of the software package. What I would love to see, is a button under “Preparation List” that allows me to create a playlist from what I’ve put in preparation. But, it can’t do that either. So un-intuitive.