Playlist Positives & Negatives for new Engine 2.0 (CFADE/RELAY on ALL Channels? Import old Denon playlists?)

Sorry for the rant, but I’ve been waiting patiently for 4 years+ now and I thought this was going to be the update that sealed the deal for me. Well, kind of. Cfade and Relay play, like on the old DN-HD2500 - still non-existent. I’m glad we can crossfade continuous tracks in a single playlist on one channel per player, but how about utilizing all 4 of the channels on the Prime 4 (or both on the Prime 2 or Go, or any layers/players with the SC media players?). Or even loading the tracks to the decks, to still be able to control them live…not just loaded into a “file player” app within the OS? I kind of like the crate/playlist combining with 2.0 (even though I had gotten used to separating them!). However, wouldn’t it be nice to load a playlist into any channel and relay between them during “background music” portions of events? I.E. I have an Oktoberfest event this weekend, and my client wants polkas mixed with halloween music. I already have a list for both…but I can only load one at a time on my Denon DJ Prime devices. I thought the engineers and developers at InMusic knew that this is and can be such a tool for mobile DJs and audio techs at events Also…now that we’re at this point, it would be nice to have Denon Engine software be able to import old Denon (DMAN) software playlists…hell, it can import from competitor’s products, but not their own? Lots of work in front of us. What do we need to do to get these useful features implemented? Soundswitch and Ableton Link are nice…but how about some basics, first?

Polka DJ spotted :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

PS i dont know if Dman is a desktop app (like engine)

if you open both programs side by side, can you drag playlists from one to another…not elegant i know but still…that may be quicker than waiting for denon dj devs to provide a separate script to do this…just a thought.

or drag from dman to itunes to ep

Nope. Been playing with this software for a day+ now, and figured some things out, but still having issues. Shall I air them here or in another thread? Would love a video showing how to properly use this new version. This thread is for the rant about the playlists only being available on 1 deck - not why doesn’t the database recognize my files, my format, my folder structure or when importing songs already on the drive, does it lock up…like this:

Not a polka DJ…just trying to accommodate my client’s wishes. And Denon DJ Music Manager (DMAN) is an older application Denon DJ had in their stable from 2006 - 2017ish.

Don’t mind me regarding the Polka comment. I researched the Denon DJ Manager after your post. I do hope Engine DJ is going to last forever

Denon has gone from DMan to Engine to Engine Prime and now Engine DJ (engine primes offspring)

There are a few getting started videos on YouTube…you could start with that

I’ve been using the Engine platform for the entirety of its existence. It doesn’t work how it should (IMHO), especially regarding how music is needed to be stored on the native drive to be in the collection (my new one is you can’t remove songs from playlists on drives…has to be done in the collection on the native drive, then synced). But my overall beef is over the one feature not being implemented properly (continuous playlist cfade and relay play). I’m finally migrating to this system 100% (took 4 years!) and rebuilding my playlists is a learning experience again, because they changed the way the software works with 2.0. That’s all for now!

Thank you, Mufasa. Ladies and Gentlemen, this Mufasa is awesome! He took time to get on a virtual call with me from the other side of the globe, and helped me understand how the software works. A class act full of knowledge!