Playlist folder sorting

hi is there a way to organize the playlist folder by alphabet ? i am making some playlists and they are all scattered now in the order i made them. if i have to scroll up and down every time i need a folder on a small screen its gonna take ages before i find what i am looking for. it would be more easy if they were sorted by alphabet. thnx


Crates will do that for you. Playlist is in specific order. You decide what’s no. 1, no 2, etc… You normally use it for a fixed set. Crate is a collection of tracks sorted by title, or name, etc… you can for example put genres together, years or charts… just how you like it.

No that is not what i mean I mean the whole playlist tab/folder Say i have numerois playlists by name of House Latin Afro Salsa Etc All playlist folders wich contain pre sorted tracks The thing i want is that those folders are shown alphabetically Afro House Latin Salsa This makes na navigating between folders a lot easier


Totally agree with this…thought this was already possible, but it’s not, I guess? Feature request…