Playlist Export Not Escaping Title Quotes?

I’m using Engine DJ 3.4.0 on an M1 Macbook Air on Mac OS 14.4.1.

I’m exporting a playlist from the Engine DJ software. The resulting CSV has quoted strings, as you expect. However, one track title has double quotes in it. The entry in the playlist CSV should look like "title \"quoted text\"", but instead it looks like "title "quoted text"",. This breaks CSV parsing.

I haven’t tested this on other fields.

Can you please provide a screenshot of this please? @SelfDrivingCarp I opened my exported cvs file on sublime text, I could not see what you described and when I open as it is, it is a table there were no " on the track title field.

I determined the column by counting and was off by one. It’s the Album field, not Title. Here’s the track in my collection:

The track is an m4a from the iTunes store. Here’s part of the ffprobe output on that track:

title           : Sun God (Zionov Nd Remix)
artist          : Sola
album_artist    : Various Artists
album           : Sun God "the Remixes"
genre           : Electronic
track           : 4/7
disc            : 1/1
comment         : (Zionov Nd Remix)
compilation     : 1
gapless_playback: 0
date            : 2024-02-09T12:00:00Z

Here’s the line from the CSV:

135,"Sun God (Zionov Nd Remix)","Sola","Sun God "the Remixes"",254,0,"Electronic","","","",2024,"/Users/jason/Music/DnB/04 Sun God (Zionov Nd Remix).m4a"
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Got it, thanks @SelfDrivingCarp