Playlist data location (database) - iam confused


iam wondering where the playlist informations are stored on my computer. I get gray hairs when searching for it…

Cause of a rebuild / fresh install of my engine dj database I have deleted the database folder, moved the source / mp3 files to another location, removed any engine dj software and reinstalled it.

BUT somehow… When I open a fresh install of Engine DJ, all my playlist structure is still present (ofcource without any files / entries in it). Database folder is deleted / renamed (is just renaming the problem here?)

In the search I have not found anything specific to this question.

Thanks in advanced.

Greetings Daniel B.

It’s not taking it from your drive is it? as in the drive you use for performance… thats the only other place I can think of.

Also dont forget the backup Engine folder that sits in your music master folder alongside the standard one, perhaps it’s referencing that?

DB folders are stored on

c:\users\user\music\engine library

And on the root of any drives you stored music in, like:

d:\engine library


Thank you. This is the solution.

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For mac,


/Users/<your_username>/Music/Engine Library/

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