Playlist Created By SC5000M Deleted by Engine Software

Hi Team,

I use: Engine prime software to manage my collection. My players are 2x SC5000M with X1800


  • I use a USB stick created by the engine software with lost of playlists.
  • When playing on the 5000 I created some playlists.
  • After playing I put the stick in my laptop
  • activate the sync mananger and press “sync to engine” (for created cue’s loops)
  • unfortunatly the playlist created by the 5000 will not be synced (other topic)

here comes the problem:

  • I put some new music in engine and make a few cue’s loops etc.
  • I go to sync manager and press “export to drive”.

Because playlists on the stick created by the 5000 are not in engine, the “export to drive” function will DELETE these playlists.

This is in fact the right way. But since it’s not possible to copy playlists created bij the 5000 to engine I lose playlists created on the 5000


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