Play/pause stutter effect

In standalone mode my MCX starts off working well but after playing a few tracks the play pause button no longer works properly and starts to “stutter” the track when pressed intstead of starting and stopping it. Almost seems like a roll function has been enabled on 1/8 or 1/4. The “stutter” only happens when pressing to pause but then the track resumes when pressed again. Only way to cancel it is turn the unit off and on again.

Apologies if this is a known issue already reported but I couldn’t find a discussion on it.

Try a defragmentation on your storage device to make the files contiguous. This should ensure faster data access. Also, you can try an Engine library optimization (cleanup) to remove cached content from old tracks. If the behaviour described by you still exists, try transfering the files from the current storage device to another good storage device properly formatted in fat32 file system.

Is there in settings Denon cue option?

Thanks Canaris, will give it a go.

When you update your library on the storage device keep an eye on the database files, especially on the p.db one to keep its size under 4GB. If this file reaches close to 4GB size waveform data will no longer be written in it.

The biggest size eaters are waveforms and artworks.

Well, it retrieves the artwork from the id3tags and stores it in the master database file (m.db), along with all other metadata fields. What we do to the music files, in terms of cues, loops, etc, it is stored in the performance database file (p.db), along with the waveform analysis. All of these details adds up to the size of the library database files. Engine Prime is neither a full blown database software or a DJ software, but a tool that must work with the equipment it serves in terms of hardware specifications. Furthermore, I think the developers of Engine Prime did not design the software capabilities with all around DJs in mind, but focused more on the club DJ type of performance.