Play music directly from laptop

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is it possible to play music from my laptop (for example Facebook videos)? I now have connected my laptop to an external soundcard (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2) and jacked the soundcard output to a line input on my Prime 4 but until now I can’t get any music from my laptop on my Prime 4 channel…

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No it can’t. The standalone idea means the laptop can stay at home, having exported your music to an external hard drive or an SSD of your choice fitted inside the prime 4.

I understand the reason behind a standalone system, but when my Prime 4 is just at home it would have been convenient to use it also to play music directly from my computer. Such a pity…

You could play computer music through the prime 4 but only using the computer as a music output into a spare audio channel fader on the prime 4

Well that is what I have done but it is not working.

I connected my computer to an external sound (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2). From the soundcard I connected into channel 3 line input. No sound at all…

Now I tried to connect computer directly via the headphone output jack to channel 3 line input, this works!

So the good news is, it is possible :wink:

But strange that it does not work via external soundcard?

It should do, if you connected it all properly.

Indeed, adjusted some settings and now it works lso with external soundcard.

Thx @Christopia and @PKtheDJ for the quick help!

If you put your p4 into computer mode, then you play music in your laptop/desktop the sound will come out your p4 connected speakers